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Monday, October 15, 2007

Thread unsafe lazy initialization

I spent some time improving the detector for thread unsafe lazy initialization.

The following code is from JDK1.6.0,

private static Set supportedExts;
public Set getSupportedExtensions() {
if (supportedExts == null) {
supportedExts = new HashSet();
supportedExts = Collections.unmodifiableSet(supportedExts);
return supportedExts;

So if two threads called getSupportedExtensions on two different KeyCheckers, not only could one thread see an incompletely initialized set, but one of the threads could also be handled a mutable reference to the set of supported extensions, which it could then use to add or remove supported extensions.



Restarting the blog...

OK, yeah, I got swamped and haven't touched the blog in months.

I'll try to update it more regularly.